How many people do you know who became wealthy by investing in savings accounts?

Our goal is connecting people with the world of trading. Our solution enables you to create an additional source of income zero no prior knowledge. Our platform sends daily predictions pinged straight to your mobile which you use to gain profit over time. You have total control. Take as much or as little risk. Withdraw at any time. Try it for free starting with $1 per trade.


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How it works

What are signals?

The 'signals' (predictions) are sent via email/App. Examples are shown below. New to trading? That's great. We have a support structure in place to get you going. Start by watching our Youtube video tutorials. Add us on skype (e.fxone) or use our live chat if you assistance or have questions.

Join us today and get:

  • Highly profitable signals sent directly to your mobile
  • Free 1-2-1 Skype support for the first month to get you started
  • Additional support available including: bespoke trade set-ups, pre-market analysis, long term forecasts and more
  • Lucrative referral programs to earn even more profit

Free 30-Day Trial

How it's delivered

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Email notifications

The signals are very easy to use. No experience required. Please see the example on the left. What this simply means is "The Euro will be going down for the next hour compared to the US Dollar". You simply input that trade into your trading account and profit over time. Our tutorial here shows you how. Check our Twitter for live results.

If you are already an experienced trader - our signals can add to your arsenal of tools and provide new insights of trade opportunities. Our algorithms analyse 14 assets simultaneously and look for over 100 data points. Check out our technical overview.



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iPhone App Forex signals

iPhone and Android app will be available soon. We have included additional features to boost your trading performance and provide further insights. Features include:

  • Push notification of new signals by the second. Faster response times than email.
  • Asset Win-rate Index - Clarity on which assets are preforming best.
  • Service performance analytics & results.
  • Economic Calendar - keep up to date with fundamental economical news

How many millionaires do you know who became wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case. Robert G. Allen

Our Results

Please refer to our twiter for regular real-time results. We have added recent wins via our accounts below. These are all real trades taken and results which were posted on the same day. Time stamps are included. Backlogs below and are updated once per month.

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Technical overview

First phase - our framework runs scenario based behaviour analysis to determine if the current market condition is favouring a trending or volatile environment including its severity. The second phase - parameters in our algorithms are altered to suite the current conditions. Find out more.

If you are new to trading or simply don't want to get too technical please skip this part. This section is tailored to existing traders. Note: You do not need any technical knowledge to use our platform.

The algorithms in the platform are explained below:

Adaptive framework

Regular updates

{AAIF}™ alters parameters within our system in real-time when new market conditions are detected. Parts of the system may even be shut down in case the current environment does not support that type of trade.

Trend analytics

Supported via price action

This includes Ichimoku cloud and momentum based strategies to detect best entries for traders to enter an existing trend or if the markets are reversing. This is further confirmed via price action & order flow analysis.

Market Harmonics

Micro-Cycle™ Analysis

We incorporated in real-time: wave analysis, swing trading and pattern (Bat, Cypher, Gartley, Butterfly) strategies to bring strong short term signals which are tailored to Binary Options trading platforms.


longer term analysis

Key daily/weekly levels - The system will look for a breakout to continue/reverse if reached. Also includes Fibonacci retracement signals confirmed via price action. These signals are ideal for CFD/Spread betting traders.

How It Looks

Trend Continuation Trades
Order Flow Reversal Trades
Harmonic Swing Trades
Retracement Trades
Algorithm trading bot | Elliot wave analysis, Fibonacci retracement, ichimoku cloud trading, Price action analysis, forex charts
Full System - Technical Flow Chart
High level view of operations
Market harmonics, swing trading, forex charts, cycle trading
Swing Trading Algorithm
GBP/USD 2X PUT's @ 20-05-2016
Forex harmonic trading, Trading for beginners, Following trends, risk free, forex charts
Trend Continuation Algorithm
GBP/USD SELL @ 30-05-2016
High winrate profitable trades, binary options, CFD/Spread betting, high leverage, forex charts
Trend Continuation Algorithm
USD/CHF BUY @ 27-05-2016
Artificial intelligence trading, market harmonics, swing trading, forex charts
Swing Trading Algorithm
GBP/USD 2X PUT's @ 20-05-2016
Fibonacci retracement trading, algorithms, technical analysis, Forex strategy that works, forex charts
Dynamic Ranges & Retracement Algorithms
EUR/USD SELL @ 12-05-2016

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All packages including annual discounts are available here


Free Forex Signals
  • 30-day free signal service & support
  • Zero commitment | No contract/rollovers

Premium Service

Includes all 4 operating algorithms
  • 40+ Forex signals per week
  • Free entry level 1-2-1 training
  • 72%+ AVG Win-rate

Premium+ Service

Recommended for new traders
  • 2 hours 1-2-1 coaching per month
  • 40+ Forex signals per week
  • Free weekly bespoke trade set ups
  • 24/7 On-Demand support via skype

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